Coach America


Committed To Your Safety & Security

Transportation safety is undoubtedly your primary concern. Safety and security are equally our focus. The best possible choice for long-term travel and travel safety is a charter bus. Simply put, passenger vehicle travel is far more dangerous than charter bus travel. When you ride with us, you ride in total and complete safety. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and security, today and long into the future. 

So, how do we make sure you stay safe? At Coach America, we have long been leaders in the charter bus industry. With over 20 years of experience in the transportation business, we know precisely how to ensure the safety of our passengers. Our company works with a hand-selected and vetted carrier. Each carrier is routinely audited and inspected to safeguard the safety of our customers. Additionally, the drivers in our network are background checked and drug tested, to keep you safe during transport. Our carriers also are required to have a satisfactory rating per the Department Of Transportation (DOT). All of this adds up to better safety for every passenger. 

How We Handle Your Safety

At Coach America, we do not partner with unknown carriers. First, we submit them to a strenuous process to guarantee the safety of our passengers. This process follows the following steps.

We start by evaluating the safety record and rating of any potential vendor. We do this by entering their DOT number into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database. Verifying their safety rating is critical to establishing trust in their ability to keep our customers safe. That information includes safety violations or operating concerns. We reject any company that has major violations. 

Additionally, we verify the vendor’s insurance. There are multiple layers of insurance required for our carriers, and we verify each level to ensure that they can become a part of our team. We also verify their vehicle identification numbers to confirm they have appropriate coverage. 

For our drivers, we also make sure that each driver does not exceed a specified number of hours on the road each day. State and federal regulations must be adhered to by our carriers and their drivers. Our charter bus vendors are required to document the total mileage and level of safety during the drive, for each of their drivers. 

Finally, we understand that each trip is unique. That’s why we partner our customers with vendors that are best suited for their charter bus trip needs. Before you hit the road, we’ll ask you a series of questions about your trip and passengers to ensure any special needs are met as well. Then we pair you with a vendor that meets those needs appropriately. 

Hire a Professional Charter Bus Company You Can Trust

With a business built on our customer satisfaction rating and safety report, we take every trip seriously. You can count on us for the personal service and attention your next trip requires. 

Enjoy price matching, exceptional service, and unparalleled safety when you reserve your transportation needs with Coach America.